Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday Night Pizza for all we Feng Shui'ers

Mamas, sisters and daughters are huge in my world.
Mama and I
Yesterday I was setting in my office, Zach had respite care (sigh), my beautiful blond Rachel sat cross legged on the tile floor stamping T’s and R’s onto her, now finished, recycled paper wedding invitations (very cool).  We are preparing for a beautiful high mountain wedding in August.  It is going to be amazingly beautiful!  Hannah, my eldest daughter, lives in Virginia (with my four grand babies I might add); she was in attendance as she and I dialogued on the voice memo app, Heytell.  Our conversation beeped in and out; familiar subjects that bring up my own warm "mama memories".  Mama and I wiled away many an hour on the end of a wall-mounted phone discussing recipes, gardening, family and engaged ourselves in long deep philosophical/religious discussions.

My daughters and I, blissful hours conversing about recipes, family, faith and what the princess fairies and little prince are doing, “What are you having for dinner?” (which spurred the birth of this post), the wedding (we’re all over this wedding) and “send me a link to your dress-and what do your shoes look like?  I found this great lipstick at Sephora.”

I love love love these current years with my daughters; marriage and weddings, mothering, food (my favorite) and all things feminine that bond woman to woman; they have been a dynamic support and an amazing help to me these past seventeen years of caring for Zach.

I hope you and yours benefit from the fruit of our family, from our support, love and enjoyment of each other and our endeavor to employ the simple supper (what my daddy calls the evening meal) like we used to do “in the old days” the family sup, where you sit, engage in conversation and grow relationship.

You may buy gluten free pizza crusts in your health food section, they are delicious and time is of the essence in our world.  I need to try some different recipes for making my own.  I am not impressed with the recipes for gluten free pizza crusts I have found on-line.  You may also buy Namaste Pizza crust mix (I only recommend this because all other Namaste products have been superior to others I've tried), OR make it from scratch using Namaste's Perfect Blend flour (the best gf flour for flavor and texture I have found).  I used pre made, Vicolo, spelt cornmeal pizza crusts; organic and non-gmo, but not gluten free, awfully yummy though!
Cook bacon till crisp and crumble into pieces (I cooked mine in the microwave :-/, big no-no if you are a health food nut, and though I am [mostly], I really dislike standing over a red-hot frying pan, as the bubbling contents splatter me in the face).  Enter microwave, a 9x13 glass baking dish lined with a pad of two, or three folded paper towels (recycled of course), slap down the bacon, then cover with more paper towels.  Electrify till your crispness is content.

1/4 cup mayonnaise (I prefer soy free Veganaise)
1 tsp prepared yellow mustard, mix together and spread onto pizza crust
sprinkle a generous layer of bacon over sauce.
Cover in *daiya (dairy free cheese; the best dairy free I have found.  It melts and tastes great, good for mac-n-cheese too!) mozzarella, or cheddar-jack blend.  You can find it in your health food store, or ask your local grocer to carry it for you.
Bake in a 425 degree oven for 10-12 minutes, or until crust is golden and crisp.

While pizza is cooking, set a simple table, wild flowers in a mason jar, a real wax candle; paper plates work on Friday night right?  Dice garden fresh organic tomatoes and lettuce, pile onto cooked pizza slide it onto that table and wrap your lips around it immediately…OH yum-yum!  Tastes just like a BLT with cheese!

Simple refreshing drink-fill a pitcher with ice cubes
Brew 4 bags of black tea (pg tips is wonderful) in 2 cups of water just off the boil in a glass measuring cup for 4 minutes.
Pull bags and add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of organic maple syrup stir well.
Pour 32 oz of R.W. Knudsen's boysenberry juice (no sugar added) into pitcher, add tea and stir well.  This is my favorite summer drink!


  1. Love your writing! Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us all!

  2. Man o man I have some drink lovers in this house and that tea sounds wonderful. I have RW Knudsen's, but I've never seen boysenberry. Gonna have to keep my eyes open. And the BLT Pizza might have to happen as well. Thankfully we only have a few allergies in this house. Uriah does have an interesting allergy to Birch trees that causes a reaction to all fresh fruit and veg. But we get around that fairly well. Grilled Romaine is awesome! =)