Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Weight of Glory

Plain old weeds take on a ravishing beauty,
impossible without the brilliant weight
that glistens on their bent backs.

It isn’t Christmas day.  It isn’t just any old day.  It feels like Christmas has finally been born inside of me.  There is an opening, expanding, light exploding in my dark well.

On our morning walk today we see cold that hangs, frost that bites and looks like tiny thorns.  Zach runs and I notice his beauty, this burdened one, who walks with thorns of glory every day.  My son, with no choice runs through life with Light shining forth.  He shown with God’s glory before the weight... and now... after and I am humbled.

My insides come alive with the thoughts of Higher Than I.  “Nature bends under the weight of My glory.  Isn’t it beautiful?  This is how I see you as you bear the frosty weight of My Glory.  Beautiful.  I sing, hover over you with joy and light.”

Zach plays anny-anny-over the goat barn, Web and I catch.  Ahhhhh, I say.  I see.  Breath leaves me.  A cloud of light hovers in front of me.  If I will bend, bow to Your hand taking what my Enemy meant for evil, you will transform it into glistening light, then Glory has done its job?  If I choose to hide in the dark; anger, bitterness, depression and fear then the glory is hidden under that bucket of darkness?  Yes?  Will I shine?

A tree flocked by God’s hand.  Glory!
He echo’s my yes and says amen and I realize that I hear Him more often now.  I am fuller.  Full of Light, full of Joy.  I am quieter, I am asking for Light to come in, the Three In One to impregnate me with fullness of Light and I want Him to be full of me.  To birth the kingdom here on earth.  To be inside of this Hugeness, of this Light is to always walk in truth.  Yes.  I want to hide inside of The Happy Three; to be lit with Light, and remember this season of His earthly birth, that by never allowing my Glow to be covered by darkness I am one little candle in His world lit by Glory and I warm the hearth of Heaven.  I have the ability to make Light smile. *smile*

Joy to the world comes through little old me, little old you.