Friday, September 13, 2013

Dream Big or Grow Mold

My next four posts will be nut-shell blogs—a challenge from Marmie Karen to herself.  Can she keep it short and sweet?

Nut Shell #1

Juicy News

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, it’s been awhile since we left Applegate Fellowship and it’s been awhile since we’ve had a steady job!  We have been exploring a bit, you know like Lewis and Clark.  It’s been fun, unfortunately fun doesn’t pay the bills.

This past season whizzed passed something like a spring zephyr.  We used this deep-and-wide time to fast, to pray and to play.  To connect to each other and spend more time playing and caring for our Zach angel.

We had no idea what we might do that would fulfill our dream of working together.  It was like hopping from stone to stone in a pond only to end up standing one footed on the last stone with hands to foreheads…vague shadows, dappled light, but no clear way to our dreamland…suddenly something began to take shape in the mist before us.

Fruitive Juice Bar in Virginia Beach, VA (missing from the photo, Josh and Zach)

The family crammed bun to bun around our dark wooden table at a juice bar in Virginia Beach brains all a whir with our newfound pressed juice buzz.  How fun would it be to have a family owned juice bar?!  But…we had a job waiting back home, so this dream would wait.

March 1, we were not beginning the job we’d thought, but rather, we had begun writing a business plan to open our own raw juice bar.  STOOOOKED!  We rented a space in May and now in September we are waiting for our plans to get the stamp of approval.  In November we will be opening our own organic juice bar located at 370 East Main, Ashland, Oregon.

We are working hard with a team to make sure that our new dream is formed excellently.

Visit our web page and indiegogo video,,  NWRaw Indigogo video